Firmware build and installation

This page will drive you through the process needed for the build, the installation or the upgrade of OpenWisp firmware on your APs.

All the firmware are based on the new feed structure that allow us to keep the solution indipendet from OpenWrt development, modular in packages and with clear deps to external utils.

Build your own OpenWisp Firmware

In order to have a fully working OpenWisp Firmware you should compile it by yourself, here a link to the official OpenWrt about the setup of build enviroment wiki on this topic:

If you have a properly configured machine follow this steps inside the OpenWRT root directory.

  1. Append the OWF git repository to OpenWrt feeds list

    echo "src-git openwisp" >> feeds.conf

  2. Enable the openwisp-fw metapackage inside the OpenWrt build system

./scripts/feeds update

./scripts/feeds install openwisp-fw

  1. Now you should setup e ENV variable and can setup any other Openwrt options included the target machine using make menuconfig, than you can finally compile the new firmware
export OPENWISP_CONF="" make V=s



Installing the new firmware